Job Creation

Job Creation

The iThemba Center

The Restore Job Creation project includes a range of creative manufacturing and retail initiatives, see more information below.

iThemba Building Materials

Have you recently finished an upgrade on your house?  Got old doors, windows or sanitary ware?  Why not donate them to our used building materials shop in Braelyn, East London. Our team collects used building items (all shapes and sizes) from the donor’s premises and can issue a donor tax certificate for the value of these goods.  These items are then cleaned, repaired or customized to our clients requirements and sold at very competitive prices.  The proceeds of this project go toward developing job creation initiatives in our city.

The Building Material shop were featured on eNews in March, 2012.

iThemba Clothing Shop

The iThemba Clothing Shop was launched in 2014.  The community is encouraged to donate second hand clothing, homeware, baby clothes and equipment to the shop.  This merchandise is then sold at very affordable prices, and the proceeds go toward supporting the activities of Breath of Life.  In addition, the shop creates employment for 2 ladies.  The shop also gives the community a central point to purchase very well priced clothing and household equipment.  Find us directly across from the Town Traffic Dept. on the corner of Phoenix and Plumbago Street, Braelyn, East London.

Chisel’d Woodwork

Working from the same location as the Building Materials shop, our woodwork workshop employs 3 staff.  Pallets and crates previously used to transport parts for the local MBSA factory are re-used/up-cycled into practical and decorative products. Depending on the project, on site fitment of decorative wall features and cladding is also carried out e.g. Vincent Super Spar bakery displays and Haga-Haga Hotel furniture.

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