Breath of Life

Ministry Header - Breath of Life

This initiative was setup in 2009, in response to the lack of support for women dealing with crisis pregnancies, and the high rate of abandonment rate of newborn babies.  Mother’s that were unable to bring up children had to choose between termination or abandonment.  The situation demanded a response, and lead by a passionate team the Restore Trust launched a two pronged initiative to meet this need.

Place of Safety

Babies are abandoned in dumpsters, dustbins and drains daily in Buffalo City and so a safe place to care for abandoned babies was a priority.  The Place of Safety is at 2 Dawson Road, Selborne and currently has capacity for 6 babies.  These children are either delivered by the SAPS or by members of the public.  It is truly a sad state of affairs, a daily reminder of the horrific societal problems at play in our community.  The house is staffed by a team of carers and babies are given 24 hour care before being placed into healthy families or approved institutions.

Crisis Pregnancy Center

In an attempt to stem the tide of terminations and abandonments, Breath of Life also operates numerous counselling stations, including a presence at Frere and Cecilia Makiwane hospitals.
These centers provide women in the midst of a crisis pregnancy with support and information on termination alternatives.  Many women seeking help have no other support structures in place and no understanding of government grants, fostering and adoption services.

To date, over 16 000 women have been through the doors of Breath of Life counselling centers, and over 100 abandoned babies have been rescued and cared for at the Place of Safety.