The Restore Trust operates various projects in East London, South Africa.  These projects are focused on solving serious local needs, including abandonment of newborn babies and job creation.  Accordingly, the Restore Trust founded two project: Breath of Life and Restore Job Creation.

Breath of Life

This project facilitates a two pronged strategy to combat abandonment of babies in East London, South Africa.  Firstly, Breath of Life operates a Place of Safety for abandoned babies.  There is also a counselling team who focuses on pre and post abortion counselling for women facing crisis pregnancies.  The counsellors care for women emotionally, offer abortion alternatives and counsel women who face difficult home situations.

Our team has already had a significant impact on the local rate of abandonment, championing the cause in our city with various fantastic partner organisations.  For more information, click here >>.

Restore Job Creation

The unemployment situation in East London is untenable.  With a huge population and unemployment at over 50% in many areas the situation is dire.  This project operates two charity shops (iThemba shops) and a Woodwork Project.  All funds raised go toward other Restore Trust projects as well as creating new employment opportunities for the community.  For more information, click here >>.