What is Breath of Life?
Breath of Life is an initiative of the Restore Trust, a public benefit organisation started by Stirling Baptist Church in 2009. Breath of Life's focus is primarily the support of women dealing with crisis pregnancies, as well as providing immediate refuge for babies that have been abandoned in Buffalo City.

What is the need?
To date Breath of Life has served over 14 000 young women who are grappling with the confusion and pain caused by crisis pregnancies. The desperate situation in Buffalo City has stretched Breath of Life’s fundraising capacity to the limit and requires a more sustainable solution to ensure the huge team of co-ordinators, counsellors and carers can continue to serve our city, as they have these last 5 years.

How can you help?
Contributing R100 a month allows our growing team to support and care for the women of our city. If you would like to become a Guardian, please fill your details in on the right and we will call you back >>

Signup as a Guardian

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Breath of Life?

Breath of Life is an initiative of the Restore Trust, which is an NPO set up by Stirling Baptist Church. The initiative has two projects,

A Crisis Pregnancy Center where women with unplanned or unwanted pregnancies are cared for, educated on available options and counselled through their journey.
A Place of Safety where abandoned babies are cared for and placed in appropriate social programs.

Restore Trust?

The Restore Trust is a registered NPO, level 4 BBBEE organisation.
Registration number: IT328/09    |     PBO Status: 930032698    |     NPO Status: 098-449-NPO   |     VAT 4250258938
All Guardians will receive a tax benefit certificate.