The Restore Trust was setup by Stirling Baptist Church in 2009 in response to the growing need in Buffalo City, South Africa.  The heart behind the Trust is restoration of those in need, developing innovative responses to social problems which treat the people of our city with dignity and respect.

The Eastern Cape is one of South Africa’s most desperate provinces, the second most populous in the country and the poorest in terms of monthly expenditure.  Given the economic situation the social effects of poverty are widespread and the need for broad based social programs, with and without local government support, is great.

The scope of Restore Trust activities has grown quickly and the successful operation of our Breath of Life initiative has quickly lead to further opportunities at local hospitals and schools.  Realising the need to deal with the root issues in our community a Job Creation program was started in 2011, including a woodwork centre and two pre-owned goods shops.

Legal details
The Restore Trust is a registered NPO, level 4 BBBEE organisation.
Registration number: IT328/09
PBO Status: 930032698
NPO Status: 098-449-NPO
VAT No: 4250258938